From February 28 till March 2 2014 I attended FOSSAsia in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

FOSSAsia is a 2 days conference plus 1 day of workshops dedicated to Free and Open Source Software held in Phnom Penh, the capital of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

If your familiar with FOSDEM in Brussels, FOSSAsia is quite similar in atmosphere, just a little bit warmer with temperatures around 33°C during the days.

This year over 71 international and 15 cambodian speakers shared their knowledge in 121 Talks – that is 8 full tracks per day! - with 839 participants attending from all over Asia.

All three days were seriously packed, hot and delightful. Here’s how I remember them:

Feb 27: FOSSASIA Speakers Pre-Meetup

FOSSASIA Speakers Pre-Meetup

It all started with the speakers gathering in the Angkor International Hotel.

Seing all the speakers from all over the world in one place mingle together was a special moment for me.

A lot of shaking hands and cheering. FOSS craziness international. Awesome!

When the event ends some of us take the chance to have another last drink(tm) in the bar area.

The result: A short night with awesome talks and great fun.

Feb 28: 1st Day: Grand Opening and a Full house!

FOSSASIA Norton University

On Friday 28 February FOSSASIA officially started. The mainhall was very growded and I am impressed how many people actually attend.

In the afternoon I give my talk about ‘Implementing Continuous Delivery’ in front of an awesome growd.

The room is packed and I am amazed that so many people are interested.

Although I already gave this talk several times in Europe this time is special. I am a bit concerned that my talk is too technical and that I may not be able to transport the awesomeness of the topic.

My concerns are totally unnecessary. There’s no need to worry at all. I have the impression that everybody is full ears. Time flys by, we discuss a lot of interesting questions and I get very good feedback on my talk.

We also manage to -improvise- play a little CD game in order to get a sense for a Delivery Pipeline and Process Automation.

All in all it’s great fun and I remind my self - once again - to just relax and everything will be fine.

We’re crusin’ - The Speaker’s Dinner

FOSSASIA Speaker's Dinner

In the evening we enjoy a nice ‘Speakers Dinner’ while cruising on the calm Tonlé Sap river by boat.

There are nice talks all along. The weather is nice and calm. Khmer Disco Music plays in the background.

While enjoying the scenery I drift away in thoughts about the impressions I got over the last weeks.

The software scene in Asia is bigger and much more ‘alive’ than I thought.

Mar 1: 2nd Day: More Talks and Social Event

FOSSASIA Social Event

Being slightly excausted by the travels and preparations of the last weeks I oversleep and decide to rest my heated body for today.

As a reminder: It’s very easy to get dehydrated - especially when wearing jeans all day long.

I re-join FOSSAsia for the Social Event in the evening, catch a few good talks and (soft) drinks and then go straight into bed in order to renew some energy for tomorrows hack day.

Mar 2: 3rd Day: FOSSASIA Hack day


The ‘conference’ part is over. We now gather for some “sunday hacking”.

Topics include:

  • FirefoxOS Workshop
  • Wifi Mesh Networks
  • Web Solutions
  • Graphic Design
  • OpenStreetMap
  • Fedora Linux

Again the rooms are packed and the athmoshere is loaded with excitement.

After two days in these hot conditions this is really amazing in my opinion.

I’m particular interested in working on Mesh-Networks and FirefoxOS.

Thus I attend Bastian Bittorf where we are setting up a Mesh-Network from scratch.

He brought the routers over from Germany. After connecting the cables, updating the router OS and rebooting the devices the mesh network just works! Cool!

FOSSASIA Hack day Wifi Mesh Networks

Follow @freifunk for more updates on this exciting project.

Later in the evening I join the Firefox Crew and learn how to prepare a FirefoxOS App.


It’s pretty straightforward when you know a little bit of HTML, CSS and JavaScript and I really like the idea of using these technologies to build apps on a low cost phone.

Thanks to Mozilla for letting me play with a FirefoxOS phone! It feels very very light (even though the one I get is a heavy one) and is intuitive to use. My iPhone instantly feels too clumsy.

Looking forward to see how FirefoxOS gets adopted in the mobile market.

All in All


I am super proud that I could attend FOSSASIA and be a part of it.

I got a slight insight of how the Asian Open Source / Hacker Community works and I definitely want to know more.

There’s so much going on here.

Some special moments I catched on twitter during FOSSASIA:


Big thanks to Hong Phuc, Mario Behling and all helping hands that made the event so pleasant!

It was a great experience and I am looking forward for the next FOSSASIA events!

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