I switched from bash to zsh lately. After announcing it on Twitter I got lots of reactions, mostly questions, how I did get started.

So here’s how I got started:

  1. I decided to change my shell. Why? Actually I was like why not? Seeing a lovely bunch of hackers at the Vagrant Usergroup Berlin getting excited with tig (a Git browser on the shell) can have quite an influence - so I though: there’s got to be more than my standard shell!
  2. I did brew install zsh to get the latest version
  3. I added /usr/local/bin/zsh to /etc/shells Otherwise you won’t be able to activate the shell.
  4. Finally I switched the shell to zsh: chsh -s /usr/local/bin/zsh

After that I removed ~/.bash-it, followed the instructions https://github.com/robbyrussell/oh-my-zsh and customized my ~/.zshrc.

That’s it.

Since then I do not regret it. I feel very comfortable with my new shell and I love the tiny little features it provides like auto-completion and correction.

I didn’t dig into scripting yet though, so I can’t provide any feedback here but would love to hear your optinion on this.