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Who I am

I am an INFJ. I am an Achiever, Activator, Futuristic, Ideation, Input.

At the moment I am living in Singapore helping to spread the word over Continuous Delivery and DevOps for ThoughtWorks.

I like pushing new ideas and forward thinking in the areas of DevOps and infrastructure automation. That’s one of the reasons why I’ve created DevOps Meetups in nearly every city I’ve lived in:

(the other reason is that it’s fun to meet amazing people)

I believe in developers taking over responsibility for their work in production and that they can work well together with operations (and vice versa).

I truly believe that delivering software is a team sport and that it can be great fun.

What I do

The blunt version: I love to document and clean up messy projects.

I’ve mainly worked in supporting teams that were stuck in their legacy code base.

I used test-driven strategies to refactor their chef and puppet repositories in order to make them easier to understand and maintain.

That includes converting legacy shell scripts to chef-recipes and writing specs for black box systems for example.

Over the years, I’ve enabled teams to support their large variety of legacy code bases, to use continuous integration and to increase their test coverage and confidence.

All the way from Continuous Integration, through scalable Build Pipelines to Continuous Delivery.

My punchline

When I hear 'impossible' it gets interesting.

Open Source

I have a number of open-source projects hosted on GitHub.

Most of the work happens as a maintainer / contributor of several Organizations though.

Contact Me

You can contact me at the following address: info at

Join my network at LinkedIn.

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Speaker Bio

Christian Trabold works as a Consultant for Thoughtworks helping customers implement Continuous Delivery.

He’s been working in the industry for over twelve years, is passionate about pushing new ideas and forward thinking in the areas of DevOps and infrastructure automation and enjoys writing books like the ‘TYPO3 Kochbuch’ published by O’Reilly.

You can find out more by following him on Twitter @ctrabold, reading his blog at or following his open source contributions on GitHub:

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